lyme disease

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Congratulations to Josie!!!

Josie won the PennLive Ultimate Prom Contest and will get a dream prom! Click Here to read the story on PennLive’s website.


Josie, her family and her friends all know that if it weren’t for the good people in this world supporting Lyme disease with their generous gifts, that her recovery and the recovery of others like her may not be possible or the healing process would be much slower.

Journey4Josie is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization to support Josie’s non-covered medical bills and also support the organization, HALDSG (Harrisburg Area Lyme Disease Support Group), as Josie suffers from painful and disabling Lyme disease. Countless advocacy hours are made at local and state levels to bring awareness, for the development of more adequate testing, and for better education of our physicians so we can overcome the ugly battle against Lyme Disease and the many different devastating effects it can have. Money raised by J4J for HALDSG serves as financial aide for testing, continued advocacy work, and to bring education to PA.

Please open your heart to our cause and let it lead you in the right direction.

To read more about Josie’s story, or Josie’s Journey as her friends call it, please click HERE.

Thank You for Your Support & God Bless