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Josie’s story

Journey 4 Josie is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in September 2010 by Josie’s friends to support her non-covered medical bills, as well as share a percentage of that aide with the Harrisburg Area Lyme Disease Support Group (HALDSG).

Josie started her struggle with painful and debilitating lyme disease in April of 2008, and found out along the way that she also had several co-infections a/k/a TBDs (tick-borne diseases). Please know that this disease(s) can devastate people of all ages, newborn to elderly. J4J has contributed countless advocacy hours at local & state levels to bring awareness to PA,… for the development of adequate testing, for better education for our LLMDs, and regular physicians and nurses, for better medical care/treatment and for better insurance coverage, as well as a better understanding of how this disease is effecting lyme victims physically, emotionally and FINANCIALLY. Without it, we cannot overcome the ugly battle against Lyme Disease and the many different devastating effects it can have on not only the victim(s), but their families as well.

J4J supports HALDSG, in many ways, as they were a constant aide in Josie’s recovery and we have developed a close relationship in return. For that reason, in past years, J4J donated a large portion of our event proceeds to HALDSG to aide in their overwhelming amount of requests for financial help from lyme victims. Requests received are for financial assistance relating to testing, meds, various other lyme treatments, and even requests for help paying day-to-day living expenses, like food and gas or a utility bill because an individual chose meds/treatment over simple things as an electric bill and putting ample food on the table or hoping one more month of late rent or mortgage won’t do them in. This disease has also cost many victim’s their ability to work due to all the physical and cognitive loss and not being able to hold down employment or because they have to be the main caregiver for the entire lyme family, and in several cases, it has cost people their families and their homes as well.

With all that in mind and Josie’s health improving, each year we donate more of the funds to HALDSG. Our goal is to soon give 100% of funds raised to HALDSG.

If you would like to join J4J and our mission by volunteering your time and/or talent, or if you have an idea or an event in which you would like to share, please email us at or contact Bob Holtzman at (717) 315-8953

If you have lyme, have had lyme, or suspect it, please educate yourself appropriately at your local support group or through HALDSG’s (Central PA’s support group). HALDSG will even help you locate an actual lyme-literate medical doctor a/k/a LLMD, if needed.
For more info on Josie’s story, please click on “Josie’s story” on our website. You may also feel free to read HALDSG’s Mission Statement, also on our website.
We must unite to fight! Thank you.
J4J (Josie, Lisa, Bob, Carrie, Kelly, Julia, Caryn, Holly and Nika)



Congratulations to Josie!!!

Josie won the PennLive Ultimate Prom Contest and will get a dream prom! Click Here to read the story on PennLive’s website.